Thursday, August 23, 2012

The New Stadium

Well, it's official!  The stadium that we've all been waiting for is FINALLY open!  Tonight we went to the long awaited Open House and first Pep Rally of the 2012-2013 season.  We have been SO excited for tonight, we could hardly stand it.  As we drove into the brand new, freshly landscaped parking lot, the energy was amazing.  It was like a buzz of school year, new football season, NEW STADIUM!!  Flowering Buttercup cracked me up when she said to her friend, "Football season is starting.  I feel like my life has started again!"  (I think we all kinda feel the same way, though.)  

We wandered around a little and checked out some of the other season ticket holders' seats. Here's the view from the upper level...

This is a lower level shot...
We were in a hurry so I only grabbed my zoom lens...ugh!  Why do I always pick the wrong one!  I have great close up shots and NO pictures that show the vastness of this place.  It's really incredible.  But...we'll be back again next Friday night for the first game and I'll bring the whole bag so I can take pictures of everything!!

Football Players...there are 99 of them, and let me tell you, it ached to hear them call #19 and not say Andrew Rodriguez after it...this football season will be a totally different experience than last year, for sure.
and my favorite reason for ever going to a football game...THE BAND!!

I LOVE that we have this incredible new stadium, that it was filled with 10,000 people tonight, and that we will be able to enjoy football games here for many, many seasons to come.   What an amazing place this is to live!

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