Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Night Football

That's my cute mom with Flowering Buttercup and her friend, Bethany.  We thought about making a bunch of food and getting there super early to tailgate with the other fans, but since it was 100+ degrees again today, we ate all that great football food in our air conditioned dining room and got to the stadium five minutes before kick off.  Hooray for season tickets!!
Can you see the players coming down the steps of the Athletic Complex?  With the music playing on the Jumbo Tron and the fans cheering, it was like these guys were rock stars!  Seriously amazing!!
Then they ran through the Eagle...

...and straight into the arms of their adoring fans in the student section. 
Guess who scored first?
They sold sold 24,000 tickets to a game in a stadium that seats 18,000!  Can you see all those poor people who didn't get seats?  Flowering Buttercup and I thought we'd be adventurous and wander over to the other section to find some friends, but it was seriously wall to wall people...mostly students...holy freaking cow!
Halftime!  (My favorite part of the game.)
(that says E A G L E S...)
Post game picture...oh, and that might be the FINAL SCORE in the background...don't worry that you can't see the other team's score because guess what?  they didn't!!  WOOHOO!!  We totally shut out last year's undefeated state champions....the amazing Southlake Carroll Dragons!

We had SO much fun tonight.  We're exhausted and stinky and hoarse from yelling our heads off, but there's no place else I'd rather be on a Friday night than at an amazing high school football game.   And the new stadium Taj MaALLEN is everything we hoped it would be.


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