Friday, August 10, 2012

Online Treasures

I subscribe to a daily email from this

They have a lot of cute stuff, but most of the time, I restrain myself and just delete the emails.  

Until two weeks ago, when I got this one...

I was instantly in love with this watch.  I've been in love with those Michael Kors watches, too, but only from a distance, you know how much those things cost!!???

I ordered my watch from veryjane that very day and then checked my email for confirmation, stalked the mailman everyday, sent a follow up email to make sure that Very Jane got my order and still wanted to send me a watch, and took up pacing in the front yard everyday this week at 12:30pm, waited patiently until today when I was completely surprised to receive a package in the mail addressed to me.  
It was MY WATCH!  Look at this beautiful thing!  I love it so much that I put it on immediately and I may not take it off again, EVER!  I even already had a million silver bangles so I could look just like that cute stylish girl in the Very Jane pictures.  It might not be an actual Michael Kors watch, but it's still pretty dang amazing!  And I didn't have to use half my grocery budget to buy it.  I LOVE finding treasures online.  

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