Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flashback Tuesday...or Wednesday

Oops!  With all the running around getting ready for dinner with the Scout Master's brother, I totally forgot it was Tuesday yesterday.  Here's the post I've been creating in my head since last week...
This is the house I lived in from 1973-1984.  1022 Sunset Drive
My parents planted all those daisies and all of that ivy

I was so in love with that asphalt hill that went down into our driveway.  It was the perfect incline to make roller skating just a little more exhilarating and dangerous!
This is what the backyard looked like.

In October of 1973, my parents put in a black bottom pool

I LOVED this house so much.  I have only the happiest of memories here.  We were the crossroads between Hawaii and Disneyland for all of our out of state friends and family, so there were always visitors at our house, and they almost always took me with them to all the amusement parks.  My parents had an open door policy and were at their best when they were cooking and entertaining.  I listened to my mom and my brother sing, dance and play the ukulele in this house almost every weekend.  I became an aunt to two nieces in this house.  I learned to ride a bike, swim, and play the piano in this house.  I walked to and from Crestview Elementary, developed a love for working in the library, and became part of both the middle school and the high school choir before we left in 1984.  I made lifelong friends and seared a lifelong fondness for California into my heart.  10 years after moving to HOU, and graduating from high school and college, I dragged the Scout Master back to San Diego for our wedding and honeymoon in 1994.  

I LOVE Flashback Tuesdays and the opportunity to look back and remember so many great things about my life.  The life we lived in this house is definitely way up there on the list.    


  1. I remember 1022 Sunset Drive very well! :)

    1. Lots of great memories in that house! <3