Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Schedules

We have a new Sunday schedule.  Typically, wards change in January, but our stake changes with the new school year, so on the first Sunday every September, we rotate to a different block of meetings.  (We changed a week early this year because there were some ward boundary changes last week and two more wards were added to our stake.)  We've been going to church from 9-12 and now we're going from 1-4.  I know people who hate this schedule, but it's MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!  I LOVE going to church late in the day.  It's not that I don't like to wake up early.  I'm usually up by 7am anyway.  But I don't like to BE anywhere early.  I'd rather take my time getting ready.  I like to make breakfast and still have time to eat it AND clean the kitchen.  I like to have extra time to finish up a lesson for church.  I like to change my outfit 50 times and make sure every hair is curled or straightened or whatever I decide to do with it.  I like to have time to change my mind if I want to...which I usually do.  Today felt like such a luxury.  I woke up at 7am and read a book.  Then I made Banana Crumb Muffins for breakfast 
The Girl Who Ate Everything
(I know it said something different on the menu I just made yesterday, but the bananas weren't going to wait until whenever I had these muffins planned, so some shifting had to happen.)

At 11:30am, I drove Flowering Buttercup and Spell Girl to the church for BYC (in my sweats and with my hair in curlers...because I still had a whole HOUR and 15 minutes before I had to be ready.)  At 12:40pm, I was totally ready when the Scout Master decided we should leave.  I had a perfectly curled-on-purpose ponytail, matching jewelry, and none of my make up had to be put on in the van!  That never happens with the 9:00 church schedule.  

At 12:50pm, we were sitting in our regular bench and everyone had everything they needed.  Flowering Buttercup was on the stand ready to give her talk (which was awesome btw) and the rest of us were happy to be at church.  The girls and I sang In the Hollow of Thy Hand with my friend, Jeanette and her daughter, for the missionary who is about to leave for Denver.  And it wasn't painfully high because it was 1:30pm and not 9:30am.  (It still sounded a little breathy to me, but I think it was the song...that thing has been around since the 70s, hasn't it?  I think it's time to write another missionary farewell that you can sing for a boy or a girl!)

By 4:30pm (after our cleaning assignments in the building) we were at home, back in sweats and I was starting dinner.  We ate at 5:30pm (our newly scheduled dinner time.)  And after dinner, the Scout Master gave the kids father's blessings since school starts tomorrow.  At 6:45pm, Flowering Buttercup and I drove to the Seminary Kick-off and met her new/old seminary teacher (he's the same one she had last year...I hope he doesn't mind two years in a row of her 6:00am enthusiasm.)  We got back home at 8:30pm and I finished some last minute details for breakfast and lunches tomorrow, and the kids were all in bed by 9:00pm. 
ok...maybe it was 9:30...

It sounds like it was a crazy Sunday, but it wasn't.  It was relaxing and enjoyable and I loved every minute of it.  I did everything I wanted to do and still managed to read a few chapters of my book, get some spiritual nourishment, and stick to my plan...all with a perfect ponytail!  The only thing I haven't managed to do today is get to bed at a decent hour...maybe tomorrow...  

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