Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicken Enchiladas

It's slightly alarming how quickly I fall out of the habit of making dinners around here.  I'm great at it for a little while, and then something happens and ruins it all (we go on vacation, someone gets sick, we have an unexpectedly hectic day, a leaf falls on the grass...really anything can throw me off course.)  Typically, when the Scout Master is out of town, I use that as my excuse to have "relaxed meals."  If you combine his travel schedule with the extremely l a z y days of August, every night for the past two weeks has been ramen noodle night.  The situation has become so desperate that Flowering Butterfly even cheered the other day when she found frozen burritos in the freezer.  "Mommy!!!  Guess what!!  The burrito fairy came last night!"  (...ugh...)

The Scout Master came home early from his trip to HOU, and so, as a celebration and maybe to impress him a little, I thought I'd do something unexpected and actually MAKE dinner.   Wanna see what I made?

This was SO super easy that I barely dared put it on here.  But compared to what we've been eating for the last few days, it's pretty freaking amazing!  

I threw two frozen chicken breasts into the crock pot this afternoon around 12:00 with some chicken broth and a teeny bit of Liquid Smoke because I LOVE the way the house smells when something smoky is cooking!  (um...NOT the kind of smoky like when something's burning...)  At 5:00, I transferred the cooked chicken into a bowl where I shredded it up.  I haven't yet found a better way to cook chicken with awesome shreddability than in the crock pot.  It takes a little advanced planning, but it's so worth it!   

I added sour cream and a small can of Hatch green chiles to the chicken and a little of the broth that it cooked in...maybe a couple of tablespoons.  I poured a can of enchilada sauce into a separate bowl, dipped some whole wheat tortillas in it and rolled them with the chicken mixture and some cheese.  I poured the remaining sauce over the top and threw the rest of the cheese on, too, and popped them into a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.  

Served with spanish rice and fresh fruit...super fast, super easy, HUGE hit!!  

(I promise to take more pictures the next time I do something amazing in the kitchen.  It might be awhile, though.)


  1. I boil/simmer my chicken for a good while 1 1/2 hours at least and then when I am ready to shred the chicken (chicken needs to be hot to very warm for this to really work well) I get my kitchen aid mixer out and put the chicken in the bowl, use the paddle and in seconds you have magically shredded chicken :)

    I cook extra chicken and freeze the extra so I can make a quick chicken dinner when I need to.

  2. Oh, great idea! I need to do that some time...make A LOT and freeze it! You can do a million things with shredded chicken.
    And as soon as I get a Kitchen Aid, I'll try that shredding technique...until then, my two little forks will have to do. :)