Thursday, August 2, 2012


(It must be mascara day because mine is the third post I've seen today on this subject.  Sorry...I promise I started mine last night and had plans to write it way earlier in the week.) 

OK, let me just preface this whole post by saying this is WAY OUT THERE for me.  Typically you're not going to find make up and hair suggestions on my blog because...well...those things aren't exactly my strengths.  I have about four blogs on my Favorites List for that very reason...because THEY are the experts and I'm NOT.  

Earlier this week, when I had a minute to hang out with my computer, I watched a make up tutorial on this blog.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl because she's totally real, she's beautiful, and she used to weigh 198 pounds!  She makes looking like her seem attainable.  I had hope when I saw her makeup tutorial, but after watching it, let's just say that there are some people who look effortlessly pretty...and there are others who just don't.  I tried the smoky eyeshadow she suggested and the eyeliner on the inside of my eyelids (top AND bottom) and I looked more like a really tired raccoon than a super model.  

But what I did try and LOVE was this mascara she used.   It's Double Extend Mascara by Loreal.  

This is the most awesome, amazing, life changing mascara I have EVER used!  Really!  I have very short, fine, straight eyelashes.  In fact, when I stand really close to the mirror in the mornings, I can't even really see my eyelashes.  But with this mascara, I can see my eyelashes from far in the rearview mirror while I'm driving!!  It's amazing!!...and slightly distracting... and a huge blessing because I have no idea how to put on fake eyelashes.   

With this mascara, you start by applying the white base coat which extends your natural lashes (it says on the packaging that they're little tubes that nourish and protect your lashes as they lengthen and thicken them...whatever they are, they're amazing.)  After the base coat dries, you follow with a layer of the black mascara.  And POOF!  Super long, super dark, super delicious eyelashes!  This mascara isn't waterproof, which I was a little worried about initially, because I live in Dallas and it's 108 degrees here sometimes.  The last thing I want is mascara running down my face.  But I've used it for three days now and haven't had any of the typical mascara challenges.  I've even done some major crying with the stuff on and it doesn't go ANYWHERE.  No flaking, no clumping, no smudging!  That's pretty life changing, huh? :)

Here's the other thing I got out of watching that make up tutorial and trying to look like that girl...

I've tried a lot of things over the years to look more beautiful on the outside.  Hair products, skin treatments, diet pills, dermatologists, make up tips, new clothes...the list is endless.  I could spend a million dollars and watch a million tutorials, but I'm never going to have long super model legs, weigh 110 pounds, or be able to pull off that smokey eye look.  But here's what does work for me...when I work on the stuff on the inside, it helps me like what I see on the outside.  Prayer, reading scriptures, writing, being nice to people and eating clean make me feel prettier than any mascara ever could.  It's all about perspective and stepping a little farther away from the mirror.  But when I absolutely have to look at myself, it's nice to have long, delicious eyelashes.  

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  1. Got it. Tried it. Loving it! Thanks friend! :)