Monday, August 20, 2012

Best Places to Live

There is a new family in our ward who recently moved here from Overland Park, KS.  We have only talked to them a handful of times, but they have mentioned on more than one occasion in church meetings how much they loved the city they moved from, and how difficult it was for them to leave.  We ran into them tonight at the "Husky Round Up" (aka 8th grade orientation) where they were trying to navigate through their oldest son's schedule.   During our brief conversation, they mentioned that the new CNN Top 100 Places to Live had just come out today and they hadn't yet had a chance to read it and see if Allen, TX was in the Top 10 (because apparently Overland Park was last year.)  Well, because we're slightly competitive people and because we happen to really love Allen and definitely think it should be in the Top 10 Places to Live, we hurried and checked that list as soon as they walked away.

We're not in the Top 10, but we're close...#13.  That's not bad.  (Overland Park, KS is #9...dang it!)  You can read the rest of the list here.

I've written posts before about how much we love living in Allen and how grateful we are to have had the opportunity to move here.  Everything about it is a perfect fit for our family.  We don't need a list from CNN to tell us that.  Even if Allen hadn't made an appearance on that list at all, we would still feel the same way about living here.  We love the home we live in, the people we interact with, the schools, the church, the extra curricular activities.  And "the 5.5 million square feet of retail space" isn't a bad thing either.  

I hope that new family from Kansas comes to love this place and have as many great experiences here as we have.  


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