Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five for Friday

If you're reading this, then it means my kids have gotten through the first five days of school, Flowering Butterfcup has made it to early morning Seminary exactly twice this week, the Scout Master has returned from somewhere in south Texas, and my mom's flight arrived safely last night.  It also means that everyone is currently where they're supposed to be and I'm not curled up in a ball somewhere.  Hopefully, by the time you read this, I'll be out doing some major shopping and then having lunch with my mom.

Here are the highlights of an amazing week...

1.  LOVE this station!!
2.  Girls who love school
3.  A whole week of healthy, cute lunches!
4.  School shopping and date night with Mack 
I could get used to having Wednesday nights free to hang out with my boy!

(and...this one was my favorite...)
5.  Flowering Buttercup has made some new friends this week.  Apparently this one recognized that she's no ordinary white girl!  (I seriously laughed all Monday night when she sent this to me.  Hilarious!!)


  1. that ice cream and cute lunches are adorable!

    Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello! :)

    1. Thanks! Love your blog! What a fun style you have.