Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flashback Tuesday

Here's what we were doing exactly two years ago this month...

This isn't the first time we've moved.  In fact, the Scout Master and I have gotten pretty good at the whole moving process.  But this one was slightly more difficult because the kids were old enough to know what they were leaving behind...friends, schools, routines they were used to.   And it was a BIG move...from Utah to Texas!
There's nothing more humbling than seeing the contents of your home spread out in your front yard
We had so many great friends help us move.   

I really didn't think we would be able to fit all of our stuff into that truck.
I remember being so sad to take this picture because it was the first time this living room had been empty since we bought the house in 2005.  I felt like we were abandoning this house that we loved so much.  The crazy turquoise carpet had even grown on me during the time we lived there.  
Last picture before driving away.  It always looked so pretty in the summer and the fall.  The Scout Master did so much work to make that yard amazing.
One last visit with the Grs before pulling out of their driveway and starting our trek.  Flowering Buttercup looks irritated in this picture because she's just gotten home from a week at Girl's Camp and we're about to load her into a van for another very long road trip.  Awesome, huh?  (well, actually we were pretty awesome because we put off the move long enough for her to go to Girl's Camp one last time with her Mendon buds.)
The seven years we spent in Utah were mostly challenging, and I definitely don't wish we were still there.  But we learned so much and changed in so many good ways, that I wouldn't change any of it either.  Life is constant motion and the best way to live it is to embrace that.  Everything changes.  Texas has been a great change for all of us, primarily because it doesn't snow here.  I am grateful everyday for the opportunity we had to move and change and for the kids to experience both Utah and Texas.   I love the home we now live in, the people who surround us, and the amazing things we've seen and done in the last two years. 


  1. I always consider change to be good. It means that you're moving in with your life. It's not always comfortable and without fear.. But I think it's for the better. I have to say, you have a wonderful home before. The lawn is well-maintained! :)

    1. Me too. This was definitely a good change for us, better than we even expected. And thanks for the lawn compliment. I'll pass that along to the Scout Master. He'll be happy someone noticed his hard work. <3