Saturday, August 18, 2012

My New Phone Case

In case you didn't already know, I'm just going to admit right now that I am a HUGE follower!  I follow trends and copy styles and "pin" things to my Pinterest boards all day long.  I adopt little quirks and sayings that I've heard and like.  I read books because other people (that's YOU, Mamie!) suggest them.  When I first realized that about myself, it bugged me a little, but I've come to love lots of things about me that I didn't before.  And I've also learned that it's fine to follow people; as long as you pick the right ones.  

I'm a big blog follower, too.  And I kinda LOVE these girls lately.  Lauren @ From My Grey Desk and Kate @ The Small Things Blog.  They are cute, blonde sisters who write about things I want to hairstyles and make up and making their homes beautiful.  And they're also just really nice girls.  I'm pretty sure I would like them if I happened to meet them.  And it turns out that I've started becoming a follower not just of their blogs but of their cute styles and opinions, too.  A few weeks ago, one of them, I don't remember which, posted a picture of their phone cases.  Look how cute they are!
  so...I pinned them...
 ...and then I checked on eBay and found one!  I actually really loved that coral colored one in the picture, but when I saw the purple, I changed my mind and decided to get that one.  It was five whole dollars! and free shipping from somewhere in China.  And finally...after 3 agonizing weeks of came this afternoon.  I LOVE getting packages in the mail, especially when it's been SO long since I've ordered the thing that I forget it's coming.   

 isn't is SO STINKING CUTE!!

it's WAY cuter and WAY more ME than my old phone case...
 ...I liked my old one...sort of...
...ok I didn't really like that one at all.  It was sturdy and different than the other half million Otter Boxes out there, but it kinda looked like a phone case that would be more appropriate for a lifeguard or a Red Cross volunteer than for me. 

I'm so happy with my new, super cute, super stylish phone case.  It was a nice diversion from the closet I spent the day cleaning out.  And now I officially have ONE thing in common with those two cute bloggers that I am happily stalking.  Thanks Kate and Lauren for always having great style and awesome suggestions!

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