Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow Removal

I don't love snow.  I may have mentioned that in previous posts.   And fortunately we don't have much, if any, in Dallas.  But my husband has taken my three daughters out to see Harry Potter tonight, so Mac and I are at home wrapping presents and watching Mighty Machines Winter Blast.  (He informed me right after they left, that he had NEVER picked a RedBox movie in his whole life, so this is the best day EVER!)
Watching this movie is reminding me that snow removal really is an amazing thing.  It looks like one of those supremely satisfying activities, like mowing the lawn (with a riding lawn mower) or vacuuming!  When we lived in Snow Country (aka Mendon, UT), I always wanted to drive a snow plow.  Unfortunately, even working for the City and being friends with the Mayor didn't allow me that privilege.  I always thought that if I had unlimited time and resources, I would want to own a giant truck with a plow, and happily drive it around the city, moving snow all day (as long as I didn't have to get out and walk around in it...and as long as the thing had a heater.) 

I'm officially adding that to my Bucket List:

1.   Sing in the MoTab. see
2.   Renovate a 100 yr old house. see
3.   Drive a snow plow.

Oh, there's a LOT more on that list, but I'll reveal it gradually, so as not to overwhelm anyone...
For now, I'm just going to imagine the blissful satisfaction of clearing an entire city of snow and making the roads safe for travel (like a superhero!)


  1. Love it! You are so dang cute!

  2. I'm sure I could make arrangements for Mike to teach you how to drive an 18 wheeeler....I won't even learn. The snwplow should be pretty easy after that!

  3. Oh my HECK, Laura!! I would love to drive one of those things!!! I might have to add that to my bucket list, too!