Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My typical morning routine has been preempted because the heating guy showed up unexpectedly to do his seasonal check.  But having him here, reminded me of another heating story...

Last February, something on our heater died.  I'm not sure what it was.  The heating guys came and couldn't figure it out, so they pondered it for awhile, and eventually had to order a part from some remote location.  The whole fixing process took about a week.  I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone where we lived last year.  A week without heat here, in Dallas, TX, would be mildly uncomfortable, especially on a day like today when it's 29 degrees outside, but we could manage.  A week without heat in MENDON, UT in FEBRUARY is an entirely different story. 
February in Mendon, UT...gorgeous, but FRIGID!
A few friends offered to let us stay with them, but we opted to send the younger kids to the Gr's at night, and the rest of us stuck it out at home.  We had portable space heaters that we transported from room to room as needed, and plenty of fleece clothing.  And fortunately, we could all go to work and school to thaw during the day.  But HOLY COW! was it COLD when we came back home.  I think the temperature in our house hovered between 40-45 throughout that week (slightly colder than my 70 degree preference.)  Eventually, the heating guys came back, apologized profusely and installed the new part.  (In fact I don't even think they charged us for the work.)  Heat returned, children were able to sleep at home, and life went back to it's fully functional 70 degrees (at least inside the house).  

So this morning, instead of being impatient and frustrated because this heating guy showed up unannounced at 8:30am, and reeks of smoke, and is taking his time...
I'm choosing to be grateful for a working heater and life in a place where we barely need to use it.  


  1. 14 here in GA with a wind chill of 1!! I think I should come and stay with you ;)

  2. YIKES! That's Cache Valley cold!! It sounds like it's definitely time for a trip to Dallas.

  3. You know I love these comments on the cold. Last year we hit a record low in Billings, MT of -52 degrees yes that is a negative. THAT IS COLD! Luckly we have not experienced the power outage that they had the year before we moved here where everyone was without power for a week and it was around -30 outside. We are planning on generators and other emergency power backup plans just incase in our new home we will build this spring. But it is very cold here!

  4. -52!!! Are you kidding?? I'm such a wimp, there's no possible way I could manage that. What is Billings, MT like in the summer? Perfect, I hope. Good luck with the new home!!