Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Surprises

So the COOLEST thing happened today.  
After I dropped my 8th grader off at school, I had a few minutes before the Post Office opened (mailing "out of town-er" gifts was the TOP priority for today), so I went through the Starbucks drive thru.  My all time favorite indulgence is their Chai Tea Latte (with nonfat milk, so all the deliciousness without all the calories.)  By the way, the ICED CHAI is AWESOME in the summer...just in case you were wondering.  :)

So today, I sat in an endlessly long line (but I didn't mind because I didn't have anything better to do at 8:30am and it just gave me more time alone with the MP3.)  And then I placed my order...and waited some more (just enough time to get through almost all of The Eagles Take It Easy.)
When I got up to the window...guess what the guy said!!??
....what do they call those coffee guys?...baristas?? or are those just girls?? anyway...

He said, "Your order was taken care of by the car in front of you."  And no, it's not because I'm so cute and the guy was trying to pick me up.  (That's actually what the Starbucks guy said, too...)  He said, "I'd like to tell you it's because you're really special, but his name is Chris and he actually does that everyday."  He said that sometimes "Chris" comes through twice a day, and he'll pick up TWO someone's orders.  And a couple of times he's come during lunch and he's paid for a whole lunch for someone.  But he doesn't ever ask how much and he doesn't mind if it's big or small.  (The hot chocolate I ordered for my husband took a little long to make, so I had some time to talk to Window Guy.)

EVERYDAY!  He drives through Starbucks EVERY morning and just pays for whoever is behind him.  That is the most awesome thing ever, don't you think? 
So all morning, I've been in the "pay it forward" mood.  I considered giving the hot chocolate to the Post Office lady this morning, but it was SO crowded in there that I felt a little "showy" doing that.  Something more discreet would be better, I think.  And I certainly couldn't do something DAILY, but I'm sure I could think of some unexpected little thing to do for someone.  

What a happy surprise this morning and a nice confirmation that there are some very thoughtful, generous people in the world...and not just at Christmas either!  
Thanks, Chris!!


  1. That is so awesome. It is fun to pay it forward I think strangers are the best sometime because there really are no "stings" attached.

  2. oops that would be strings not stings....