Tuesday, December 7, 2010


You'd think, especially at this time of year, that there would be much harmony in our home and peace and love would be abounding, wouldn't you??  Well, not so much...especially last week.  Even at church on Sunday, two of my little darlings were teasing and playing around so much that one of them (which ALWAYS happens) got frustrated with the other and PUNCHED her in the STOMACH!  yep...right in front of most of the women in the ward!  It was not a joyful moment for me, and I promptly dragged them out of the building and back home where they could kill each other in the privacy of our own home.  ugh!!

But last night, a miraculous thing happened... 

We had been asked (before Thanksgiving) to sing, as a family, Away in A Manger for the upcoming Relief Society Christmas dinner...which is no longer COMING UP...it's TONITE!  But because I am an avid fan of procrastination, I put off the actual practicing of that song until just last night.  (In my own defense, though, there's a lot of aligning of planets that has to happen in order to get 6 people gathered around the piano to sing a song.  Between work, school, homework, scout camp outs, basketball practice, and various other responsibilities, it's a wonder we were even able to make LAST NIGHT's practice happen!) 

Back to the miraculous thing...

People in my house were not rejoicing about this OPPORTUNITY we were going to have to sing.  In fact, as they do with MOST things lately, they were dragging their feet to get to the piano, and COMPLAINING MIGHTILY about how long they were going to have to be there.  But eventually, there they all were, and so I capilatlized on the moment and made them sing!  

We have some musical talent.  It's not stellar talent...we're not the Osmonds...and we're not going to be signing record deals anytime soon.  But a few of us can play the piano, two of us can play the violin, and we can all carry a tune.  And some of us thoroughly enjoy being in the spotlight (I am NOT part of that "some").  So if you combine those things with a willingness to participate when called upon in church activities, we do pretty well.  

We started singing the song and it was lovely...simple, straightforward, lovely.

...and then the miraculous part happened...

"Violinist Daughter" said, "I think I can play that song," and she pulled her violin out of the case.  And then my husband asked "Spotlight Daughter" to sing the first line as a solo (brilliant! because sometimes her energy needs to be channeled into something productive)  For awhile it sounded like that cacophony when the orchestra is warming up...all the musical genius pouring out into the room was a little chaotic, but then...when it all came together...it was truly beautiful.  

"Violinist Daughter" played a full verse as the introduction.  "Spotlight Daughter" sang Line 1 of Verse 1 as a solo.  "Violinist Daughter" came in on Line 2 (singing this time, not playing).  AND THEN..."Oldest Daughter" came in on Line 3 with the Alto part!  (who knew she could carry that part all by herself with NO ACCOMPANIMENT?)  It is nothing short of angelic to hear sisters sing together in HARMONY! 

My husband and son sang the second verse alone. 
And then all of us sang in 3 PART HARMONY on the last verse (which is ideal, because that means I only have to sing ONE VERSE!  My preferred place is hiding behind the piano so this is a stretch for me.) 

See what happens when you add music to chaos!?  It turns into unity, harmony, happiness, perfection.   It only lasted for the length of the song, but at least I now know that they are capable of unity and harmony.  And the next time there is teasing and punching I can drag them all back to the piano and make them sing again.             
everyone did great tonight and sang beautifully...and no one got punched in the stomach!  Hooray!! (posted AFTER the performance)

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  1. Ohhhhhh, I hope someone will take a video of this that you can share! I would EVEN actually COME TO CHURCH to see and hear you all!