Tuesday, December 28, 2010


There are very few things that bring me greater satisfaction than organizing stuff and putting things away.  I'm not a freak, but I do occasionally clean to blow off steam, and containers make me exceedingly happy.
I have a white board wall calendar in the laundry room, a daytimer in my purse, a planner for my 100-yr-old house renovation ideas, a tiny pocket calendar in my car, and a little notebook next to my bed for those middle of the night inspirations.  (ok, maybe I am sort of a freak) 
I love the joy and celebration of the holiday season, and I love the relaxation and ease of summer; but I'm also a huge fan of schedules, so I'm always ready for a new season to start.  January and September are my favorite months.

Christmas decorations don't linger very long at my house.  After dinner on Sunday, the dining room table decorations were cleaned and put away.  Today the garland came down off the stairs.  Tomorrow I can't guarantee that anything Christmas-y will be left in the house at all (except for the Wise Men which stay out all year long.)  

The Gr's will be here next Thursday, so January organization is starting early while I have helpers home from school.  (the work goes faster when they're here, but the results last longer when they're at school...hmmm...)  The microwave has been cleaned.  Baseboards have been scrubbed.  All dressers have been reorganized and clothes that don't fit have been purged.  I have big plans for a desk that has accumulated a LOT of piles this month.  
Hopefully by next week, it will be the organizational paradise that I've envisioned... 


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