Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Kids

Received unbelievably sad news tonight that two little boys from Mendon were killed in a car accident this afternoon.  They were 7 and 10.  My children went to school with them.  Their elementary school teachers are two of my closest friends.  I am sad for their parents and their brothers and sisters, and for everyone who knew and loved them.  I'm sure the entire town will be affected by this loss for a very long time. 
I have a 7 yr old and a 10 yr old.  I can't imagine what it would be like to lose either of them, and certainly not BOTH....especially at this time of year.  
Tonight I'm grateful for my children.  I'm grateful that there is a mess in their rooms from the chaos of the day and that there will probably be another one tomorrow.  I'm grateful that they are right here, sleeping safely and comfortably in their beds.  I'm grateful that they will still be here on Christmas morning to open the presents we've already gotten for them.  And I'm especially grateful for the knowledge that we have (our family AND the other family) of a loving Heavenly Father who has a specific plan for all of us.  Even in tragedy, (probably ESPECIALLY in tragedy), I know that He will pour out blessings in abundance on everyone involved.  He has a vested interest in our lives and in our happiness and well being.  And I know that those little boys will be reunited with their parents in the next life.
I'm going to go hug my children tonight and try to remember tomorrow that the arguing and noise and grades and dirty laundry are not as big a deal as I sometimes think they are.     

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  1. I saw this on the news last night. So, so sad....