Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Might Need a Storage Locker...

I recently watched a series on HGTV where the designer was renovating an entire 100 year old farmhouse.  She did one room per episode, making the whole process look exceedingly easy.  (Granted, she also goes over budget every episode by about $1000 and she wears a beautiful new outfit after every commercial.  She's not practical, but she's charming and positive and makes everything look effortless.  She is my new idol!) 
In nearly every episode, she pulls the perfect piece of orange fabric or the exact antique that she's been "holding onto" for this very moment in life.  Well, it was revealed in the "family bathroom" episode that the woman has a STORAGE SHED where she has actually been "holding onto" STUFF that she's collected over the years.  
So it occurred to me tonight that I might need my own storage shed.  How many times have I wandered through a furniture store or a thrift store and thought, "Oh, I LOVE that _________, but I don't have anywhere to put it in my current house."   Haven't you ever thought that??   BUT...if I had a storage shed, that problem would be solved and I would never again have to walk away from some beautiful thing just because it doesn't have a place.   I could store it for that kitchen renovation, or that perfect spot in my next house, or whatever other divinely inspired thing might occur.  What a brilliant idea!    

Because it's just like my new favorite saying..."if you never put a chair near a one will ever sit there!"    

P.S.  I happen to already OWN the 100 year old farmhouse, so the storage locker could be in preparation for the grand plans I have for that thing!  


  1. And when you get tired of your teenagers, you can just go live in your storage shed with all that nifty stuff!

  2. Believe me, that has been one of my ulterior motives!