Saturday, December 4, 2010


I love donuts!  They are my biggest weakness...well, my biggest FOOD weakness...there are plenty of other non-food weaknesses.  So imagine my surprise and delight to find that Texas LOVES donuts, too.  There is literally a DONUT shop in every strip mall on every street.  If you accidentally miss the turn to one, it's not that big a deal, because there will be anoher one within a couple of blocks...guaranteed.

This is what most of them look like...non descript, anonymous, but clearly delivering the intended message, "DONUTS are here!"  It's simple and direct...I like that.  Who needs some clever name that makes you wonder what they actually sell inside the store??  Not me. 

Someone last night mentioned that there was a GREAT bakery on some street about 15 minutes from my house that had the BEST DONUTS ever!  (glazed, blueberry cake donuts to be specific)  I am not a fan of cake donuts OR blueberry flavored things...except ACTUAL blueberries.   But when you tell someone who has a definite DONUT obsession that the BEST DONUTS are only 15 minutes from her house, she will inevitably drag herself out of bed to go and find them.  So I did. 

Remember the post about Whole Foods and giving up dairy, refined sugar, and white flour??  Well, disregard that for the moment.  I've been really really really good about sticking to that...even at the Thanksgiving extravanganza buffet, but come on!  She said they were the BEST DONUTS EVER!  How could I ignore that obvious challenge to find out for myself?  Impossible!

So when my 7 yr old got out of bed this morning at 7:30 and said, "I'm hungry."  That was all I needed to jump in the car and start my quest.  And besides...alone in the car on a gorgeous morning, listening to 70s music, and driving to get donuts!??  it really can't get much better than that...unless there's Diet Dr. Pepper involved...which there isn't because I'm sticking to my resolve on that one.  :(

Unfortunately I couldn't find the DONUT place that she directed me to...maybe they SHOULD have some kind of distinguishing marks on those buildings??  BUT...we live in TEXAS....Lone Star state and Land of Donut Shops, so I turned around and settled on one of the 20 I had passed along the way.

And we had a delightful breakfast of sprinkled, chocolate, and glazed everything.  serious YUM!

Now that I've had my fix for the month, I can happily go back to my regularly scheduled Green Tea and fruit for breakfast...tomorrow. 

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  1. OMH, now I have a serious craving for glazed blueberry cake donuts, which the donut shop I worked at in high school made, and which I LOVE! Thanks a lot....