Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mamie's Blog

My awesome friend, "Mamie", (who I have known since middle school, by the way) has a very cool blog that I follow as often as she posts something.  She has been quite prolific this week since she's on vacation from her first graders, and I am thoroughly enjoying it!!  I'm copying her "Right Now" post from earlier today...and inserting my own answers...because I LOVE those dumb interview question things (like the ones on Facebook).


In My Cup...just water (it would be Diet DP if I hadn't given it up...because I still secretly LOVE that stuff!)

Outside My Window...grey, drizzly, humid,  I think it's like 60 degrees out there today, and about a million little boys playing football in the driveway.

Beside Me...piles and piles of Christmas stuff and a tree that is BEGGING me to relieve it of all the decorations and put it out of its misery already (but I'm choosing to procrastinate for a minute)

In the Fridge...what a great day to answer that question...I just went to Costco this morning!  cage free, organic eggs (no chickens were harmed in the acquisition of those eggs!), fresh tortillas (the unbaked kind that you have to cook...YUM!),  tons of fruit (blackberries, blueberries, apples, grapefruit), vanilla soy milk, and leftover salmon from Monday night's dinner

In My Ears...MUSIC!!...Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars), but a minute ago it was Bleed to Love Her  (Fleetwood Mac), and before that When You Come Back to Me Again (Garth), and before that Love of My Life (Sammy Kershaw)...and I have to keep turning it up because unfortunately I can STILL hear the Disney channel in the background...ugh! 

On Me...Beehive Beauty Shop t-shirt, long sleeved white shirt underneath, jeans, fuzzy socks

Looking Forward To...going to dinner at Brio tonight with Chad and Stephanie, AND New Year's Eve Friday night with friends and kids (games and food...the perfect NYE)

Grateful For...oh that's too hard!  music (always), the piano, lazy vacation days in the middle of the week, a garage, January approaching, fuzzy socks, Windex, and containers   

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