Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska

I know, I'm having a hard time admitting that I actually like this show, but it's my latest guilty pleasure.  At first I thought it would be like watching a train know, you have to at least LOOK...for a second...
I felt sure that it would be a blatant, shameless plug for some future political career gain and I would be appalled by the whole thing.  Let me just make it perfectly clear that I've never been a fan of Sarah Palin.  I'm not a Republican.  And I'm definitely NOT the outdoorsy, camping type.  I'm totally and completely an indoor girl.  So what on earth could I possibly find intriguing about this hour long campaign ploy?  No idea...
But that's the thing... I complain and dread it when my husband happens to find the show every weekend.  But then somehow I'm sucked into the stupid thing and I'm riveted the entire hour.  Really!  I can't take my eyes off the dumb show from the time it starts until it's over.  

It's probably that theme song by Third Day...I'm such a sucker for the right song and I'll go anywhere with you...scary, huh?

Or maybe it's all the bright colors in that gorgeous Alaska scenery.  

Or maybe it's the part where she can be outside gutting a salmon and wearing camouflage and still look FABULOUS! 

(Side Note to Husband:  Please don't get your hopes up that I'm going to want to go camping anytime soon.  It's still just about the most unappealing thing I can think of doing...right up there on the list with running a marathon, giving blood, playing charades, and sticking pokey things in my eyes...EW!)

Seriously, though, the part that I LOVE is how passionate she is about the place she lives (and rightly so).  I LOVE that her family is a priority and that she carves out ways for them to be together (ok, so it's all edited for TV...but it LOOKS like they're her priority.)  And I LOVE that she is smart, capable, self sufficient, and stands up for what she believes in.  Those are not bad things to be.  It's a worthwhile hour, in my opinion, to watch her interact with her family in the land of her inheritance.  I'm sure I'll be sitting right here next Saturday night thinking the same thing.   

Oh, and by the way...I'll be wearing this the next time you see me....saw Willow Palin wearing it in tonight's episode and LOVED IT!

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