Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

I can never pick a favorite Disney movie.  (OK I can never pick a favorite anything.  It's too hard.)

I love The Little Mermaid because I can totally relate to that whole ocean thing.  (Best Song: Kiss the Girl)
I love The Princess and the Frog because the music is awesome! (Best Song:  Dig a Little Deeper)
I love Aladdin because Jasmine is independent and feisty. (Best Song:  A Whole New World)
And I love Mulan because Donny Osmond is the voice of Shang (Best Song:  I'll Make a Man Out of You)
But if I HAD to pick a favorite, it would be Beauty and the Beast.  That's definitely the best story EVER!

My husband and Mac are out Christmas shopping tonight, so the girls and I are watching Belle's Enchanted Christmas.  It's the entire Christmas scene that was "left out" of the original movie.  It's the part of the movie where it's all snowy and the Beast is endearingly goofy with all those birds all over him.  And Belle is in that gorgeous pink wrap singing "Something There" (which is on the short list of BEST DISNEY SONGS EVER, by the way).  
She's totally falling in love with him, but she's a little nervous about it because...well, he's a BEAST.

I love that there's a Christmas...um...what's a sequel that fits in the MIDDLE of a movie? a mid-quel??  Anyway, I LOVE that there's more to the story because I never want that movie to end.  And the best part of The Enchanted Christmas is that the whole theme is HOPE.  Which seems to be the recurring theme of my week as well. 

"As long as there's Christmas, I truly believe...that hope is the greatest of the gifts we'll receive."  


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