Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas Shopping

I love sales!  I used to be an avid after-Thanksgiving combat shopper, but it's a little too much for me to handle anymore...something about being 40, I think.  But I totally can't resist going shopping after a holiday for all the fun things that are marked down to 50% or 75% off of original prices.  This year, I took all three girls with me which was a blast!

Wanna see what we got!? 

Stop #1 Pier 1 Imports (always the BEST stuff, but way too expensive before Christmas)
I got 18 of those gits boxes for $12!  The owl ones are 6x6.  The Santa ones are the size of a mug or an ornament.  The little ones are jewelry sized.

Stop #2  Old Navy
I got a pink one just like this for Christmas, and I love it, so I got the blue one, too!  $15

Stop #3 Target 
wrapping paper (daughters picked the owl and penguin ones) 6 rolls for $6

Stop #4 Pei Wei (LUNCH!)

Stop #5 Toys R Us

Spell Girl and June needed a house for all the Chixos they got for Christmas so they pooled their money and got one for $10.  These little things are really weird, I think, but the girls LOVE them.  They come with body parts that are separate so you can mix and match to make your own individual Chixo (sort's not like they're THAT different.)  You put together the outfit and the body and head that you want, and then you spray water on them to fuse the little plastic pieces together...weird, huh? They were on SUPER sale before Christmas, so both girls got lots of them in their stockings.  And now, thankfully, they have a home, I mean a 4 bdrm Luxury Loft complete with 11 pieces of furniture and the option to glitter spray everything.  (11 yr old bliss)

Stop #6 Kohls (no purchases, we just needed to have the cashier take the little security thing off of a pair of sweats that Daughter #1 got for Christmas.  I'm not sure how we got OUT of the store with them originally because the alarms went off like crazy today when we walked INTO the store.)

Overall, the day was pretty much a success...and in a week, I can go back for the 90% off stuff! 


  1. Heyyyyyyy, that looks an awful lot like the wrapping paper *I* got at my Target's after-Christmas sale! They didn;t have any of the whoopie pie mix, sadly.

  2. I know...I've been to 4 Targets looking for it and can't find it anywhere. I found it online.