Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Jammies

Who doesn't get jammies on Christmas Eve?  I've talked to tons of people this week and we all have the same tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve and it's always JAMMIES!  Don't tell anyone, but it's actually my control freak tricky way of making sure that everyone is appropriately staged in new, clean jammies prior to the traditional Christmas picture the following morning. 

Christmas 2005

The kids are too old and too individual now to tolerate matching jammies anymore...
Thank you note to the Grs when they were on their mission Christmas 2006

...and we've only done actual Christmas-themed jammies once or twice...

But it's still one of my favorite traditions...This year, I've gone to great lengths to find the jammies of everyone's dreams...which is not an easy thing to do!  Hopefully they'll all love them.  (I'll post follow up pictures...)
 The weather here has gone from a clear and sunny 79 degrees earlier in the week to today's cloudy, grey, rainy-ness with an expected high of 43 degrees.  I went outside once to take out the trash, and quickly scurried back in the house!  Whew!!  It's amazing how quickly your body acclimates to warmer weather and rejects the cold.  (OK it's possible that my body has always rejected the cold, but 43 degrees felt a lot more like 20 this morning!)   
So I've decided that today is a good day to be in jammies ALL DAY.  It goes with the theme, don't you think?  I'm currently wearing last year's jammies, sitting in my bed, bundled up in flannel sheets and socks, with the heater turned up to 75! 
So if I just stay in these all day and then change into my new ones tonight, it will be an ALL JAMMIE DAY!!...maybe that should be our new tradition...Christmas Eve jammies all day long!  hmmm....

Eventually I'll have to at least shower and do my hair because the Salt Lake family is going to call us via Skype later tonight so that we can vicariously have Christmas Eve with them...(ugh...I know I'm totally going to fall apart when I see them...sniff!  already falling apart thinking about it...)  But I can still be in jammies for that, right?

Christmas 2010

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  1. OMH, your blog really is my fave... I really do feel like I am right there with you!