Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Last Day of School

Oh how I LOVE the last day of school!  I'd like to say that we all hopped out of bed this morning enthusiastic and excited for one more day of school, but that's not what happened.  We all slept in until the last possible minute, mostly complained about why we even had to go to school at all today, and then dragged ourselves out the door.  :)  It's been a LONG month and we're all SO ready for summer!

The BEST part of the day is when that last bell rings and you can happily exit the building for the last time...sometimes ever.  Two of our kids will not be going back to the schools they left today, which is kind of sad...more for me than for them, I think.  

At 12:30, TCD and Spell Girl finished their finals and their schools released early for the day.  We picked up a few extra girls and decided to celebrate the beginning of summer with burgers at In-N-Out.  

We are so excited for our fun summer plans...Girls Camp, EFY, Bass Camp, Six Flags, birthdays, visitors, traveling...sprinkled with a lot of visits to the pool and a lot of sleeping in!  Let the fun begin!

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