Saturday, May 12, 2012


I've been struggling with a thing REALLY struggling.  There are a handful of girls in Young Women's who occasionally miss Wednesday night activities.  It's becoming more frequent with a few of them and I've had a really hard time being compassionate about their decision to not be there.  In fact, last Sunday before our combined lesson, I actually lectured the girls about how there's no better place for them to be on Wednesday nights than at mutual activities...and there might have been a little more than that.  And then just this past week, I got into a bit of a heated discussion with one of the girls in my van when she said, "Homework will lead to college and a good education and possibly a job, so it's always more important than playing volleyball on Wednesday nights."  Do you know that I actually challenged her right there in my van with 5 other girls listening??  And I was so riled up about it that I totally didn't back down...and she's 12 years old!  Nice example, huh?!

Tonight, I was catching up on a few of my favorite bloggers' postings for the week and I found this...
I wanted to ask your opinion about sports vs. weekly mutual activities. My kids are still too young to worry about this balance, but I serve in the Young Women at church. Some of our girls miss months at a time because of sports, band, etc.

When I was working with the youth I felt sad for them when they missed because it's so fun to have that camaraderie and spiritual boost during the week, but sometimes families decide other things need to come first and I completely respect the family's choices about that.  I just always wanted to be sure everyone knew the information, knew we could come get them if they needed a ride, and mostly knew that we loved them and supported whatever they were doing.  If someone was busy in a sporting season we would all go watch them and support them.  Youth just need to feel loved.  I hope the leaders can support whatever decisions we may make with our teenagers when push comes to shove, but we do put a very high value on church activities.  I'm SO grateful for them and how they have helped mold my teenagers into the people they have become.

I read this blog regularly and LOVE the things this amazing woman writes...including her answer to this question.   Hers is a much better attitude than the one I've had for the past few weeks.  As soon as I read it, I could hear that familiar voice in my head saying, "Haunani, you need to check your pride at the door!"  Tonight I'm going to get on my knees and repent like crazy, and then tomorrow at church I'm going to start feeling a little more love for these girls and understanding about their schedules, and stop petitioning for my own agenda.  I'd much rather have them aching to be at activities because they feel loved and supported than dragging themselves there because I've made them feel guilty and compelled.  I'm so grateful for that gentle reminder tonight about what's really important.  


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