Friday, June 1, 2012


Finally...finally!  June is here!  

Wanna know what I love today...

1.  I LOVE that the only place I needed to be at 7:30am is on a walk enjoying a GORGEOUS summer morning.

2.  I LOVE that the kids all remembered that our motto for summer is... 

and I came home from my walk to a clean kitchen and clean bedrooms. 

3.  I LOVE that they all have friends to play with today.

4.  I LOVE that there is NO ONE at the grocery store at 9:00am on the first day of summer!

5.  I LOVE that we have a pool in our neighborhood.

6.  I LOVE that there are unlimited popsicles in the freezer.

7.  I LOVE that I don't actually have to teach this Sunday like I thought because I forgot that it's the first Sunday of the month.  

8.  I LOVE that my little June's birthday is only 6 days away and she'll finally be 12!

9.  I LOVE that I can officially start planning summer lunches and dinners.

10.  I LOVE that I can stay up late watching TV or reading and not feel groggy the next morning.

Hooray for JUNE and hooray for SUMMER!

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