Wednesday, May 23, 2012

6th Grade Splash Bash 2012

I spent the day with a whole flock of 6th graders.  June is graduating from elementary school this year and to celebrate 7 long years of hard work, the 6th graders have an end of the year SPLASH BASH!

I got to the school at 8:30 to walk with the group to a nearby subdivision clubhouse where giant jumpy toys, games, and food had been set up for the kids.  
 We had a serious OCEAN of 6th graders walking down the street!
 I spent the first half of the day working the dunk tank.  So much fun!!  And SO wet!!
 ...and they let me dunk June!

 Loved this DJ/Referee...super high energy guy who kept the kids engaged in all the activities

 I think June was checking out her competition for the tug-of-war...
guess who won???
 yep...the girls!! :)

Everyone had such a great time and I was so happy I got to be there to hang out with June and her friends all day.  These are great kids.  I'm so excited for their middle school years...

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