Thursday, May 10, 2012


Years ago, I read a book called Steering by Starlight...
"As you do the dream analysis process repeatedly,
you’ll be amazed at the rich payload of your dreams,
how they pack huge amounts of intellectual and emotional
meaning into a brief, strange story. You’ll also see that
all dreams, even nightmares, are there to help you..."
I dream every single night.  Sometimes I remember my dreams in vivid detail, and sometimes I just have a lingering feeling the next morning, but I know I always dream.  My head never turns off.  At night, instead of a blog to ramble on, or a person to have a conversation with, my head just has a different canvas to paint all over.  

Early this morning I had one of those dreams that just stays with you for a long time.  The details were clear and I had more than just small pieces of it with me when I woke up.   It was one of those dreams that I couldn't shake and I couldn't figure out what it meant or what I was supposed to do about it.  (Because that's how I am...I have to DO something about it.)

So, after telling my family and not getting quite the response I was hoping for, and then spending the better part of the morning pondering it and worrying about it, I remembered that I have this whole book about dreams and what they mean.  

It turns out that instead of trying to figure out how to get to Africa and adopt two little babies, my dream was just trying to tell me that there's some hidden potential out there that I haven't tapped into yet.  I'm supposed to be doing something more than what I'm doing.  I already know that.  There's a book, and a Master's, and a library, and genealogy and a thousand other things out there that beckon to me on a regular basis.  Apparently they were just really loud last night.  

"All dreams, even nightmares, are there to help you..."  I love dreams.  I love that they have the ability to move you to do things you might not otherwise do.  Maybe I'll pick one of those "untapped potential things" and work on it...

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