Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today was crazy busy.  It started ramping up around 1:30p and the pace just increased as the afternoon went on.  TCD once again talked me into picking her up from school early.  How that girl does that to me every time is a complete mystery!  But it's so much fun to hang out with her that any irritation I feel, instantly disappears the minute she gets in the car.  Today, we had a few million errands to run, so we stopped at Sonic for sustenance (for me that = a giant cup of ice, and for TCD lately that = a medium Diet Coke with cherry and vanilla...which is a lot like drinking the syrup out of a maraschino cherry jar...ew!...but she loves it.)  

TCD is always fun, but she was exceptionally hilarious today in the van driving all over Allen.  Her sense of humor totally surprises me every time.  She is so quick I can barely keep up with her.  But I noticed that the more she drank that Diet Coke, the funnier she got.  By the time we got home two hours later, she was literally bouncing all over the house. She would appear over my shoulder, in my face, or outside the bathroom door every few seconds.  It was like having my own personal Tigger. 

I have never heard my name so many times in one afternoon with so few kids in the house.

"Mommy, let's play all the duets in this piano book."  
"Mommy, we should clean out this refrigerator!"
"Mommy, let's go for a run."

Coming off of the lecture I had to give her on Sunday night about limiting her iPhone time and actually SPEAKING to people and reading things with PAGES, I felt really guilty wishing she would just be still for a minute and stop saying my name.  So, I gave in and played the piano with her.  And then we cleaned out the fridge.  We didn't run because I already did that today.  But it was so nice to put away my other stuff for a little while and just let her guide the afternoon.  I love hanging out with that girl.  And it turns out, everyone needs a little Tigger influence in their lives once in awhile.  

                            TCD:  Mommy, does Diet Coke have caffeine in it?
                            Me:  Um...yep...lots of it.  :)
                            TCD:  I don't think I should get those very often.   

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