Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Goals

I'm a goal oriented, planner, list-making kind of a girl.   There are calendars and bulletin boards and grocery lists and weekly menus sprinkled around the house because we all seem to function better when we know what's coming up.  I set new goals every September and every January, and sometimes every Monday when necessary.  I like to be able to SEE what I've accomplished and FEEL like I'm spending my time doing things that matter.  And I think my kids like those things, too.  

Even though we're all anxiously awaiting the beginning of June and the end of this hectic school year, we won't JUST be relaxing.  I prefer to think of it as productive vacationing.   Summer is the perfect opportunity to do all the things we really want to do, but don't have time for during the school year.  

Typically, we spend one Monday night right before summer starts, letting the kids just brainstorm what they want their summers to look like.  We let them write down everything they would do if they could create the summer of their dreams.  And then we add a few suggestions...some spiritual things, a little physical activity, and a few things to keep their brains from turning to Jello before August.   

This morning while I was looking for something in the kids' files, I found a few of their old Summer Goals...

This one totally made me laugh...I can't even remember why the Smithfield McDonald's was such a big deal...but I do remember going there that summer.

 Only a few things are crossed out, but she actually did all of them...even getting the KITTEN from Kjersti (in fact we got TWO kittens that summer.)

By 2008, all 4 kids had Summer Goals, so they kept their handwritten ones in their rooms and I hung this one on the fridge.  We didn't actually make it on an airplane or to Disneyland or Sea World, but I'm a big believer in dreaming big.  The more you let yourself hope for the big things, the more likely they are to actually happen.  

I'm so excited to see what their lists will look like tonight.  I'll make sure to post updates...

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