Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scary Things II

Do you know how many conversations I've had in the last week about being brave, doing scary things, taking chances, and not holding back.  I feel like I'm on repeat lately.  And whenever that happens, it's always because I need to listen to my own advice. 

I cringe lately when I hear people (especially my own children) talk about not trying things because they sound hard or scary.  I am compelled to quote Eleanor Roosevelt on a regular basis.  (Do one thing everyday that scares you.)  And I have multiple YW lessons swirling around in my head on the subject of listening to inspiration and ACTING ON ITGuess who needs that WAY more than the YW??  

I'm not sure what scary things I'm supposed to be doing or what I'm missing because I'm not listening, but I feel them pulling me.  Every now and then that's an actual physical feeling like a tug.  Or in this case...a heave.  I can feel that I'm not swimming in the right direction.  I'm not even swimming at all right now...just letting the strongest current move me wherever it wants to.  I've been flying on my own lately...just trying to stay afloat this month because it's so stinkin busy, and missing a lot of the important things because of it.  Those tugs that I feel and the dreams I keep having are telling me that it's time to focus again.  I am too far away from where I'm supposed to be.  Time to swim back. 

Earlier tonight I was having a conversation with someone and I immediately thought I should tell them what I always used to write at the end of all of my blog posts...except I couldn't remember what I always used to write!!  I could remember a little of it, but not the whole thing!  GIANT SIRENS immediately went off IN MY HEAD!  You are too far away.  Come back. 

I have no idea what scary things the coming days and months will bring, but I am turning around to go and find out.   Right now!

And I found that thing I was looking for...buried in some obscure box in the back of my head...


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