Tuesday, May 8, 2012

15 - 1

Last night we went to the world's windy-est baseball game.  It's been 89 degrees here for the last 10 days, but last night the temperature dropped into the frigid 60s!  And with the wind chill, it felt more like 50!  I was bundled up in TWO sweatshirts while I sat and watched the OTHER team rack up 15 runs on the scoreboard.  It was seriously painful.  

The game started at 7:45pm, which in my opinion, is WAY TOO LATE for 8 year olds to play a 100 minute baseball game.  The boys looked tired and draggy and the other team totally capitalized on that.  But, in their last at-bat, Mack put a score on the board.

It's a little blurry, but that score says 15 - 1 (and that 1 belongs to Mack.)  It was a long, cold, agonizing game, but that one little run made it all worth it.  I love ASA baseball.  And I love my little #13 working his butt off to play.  

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