Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scary Things

This morning, TCD needed to do something scary.  If I told you what it was, you would probably think it was silly, and she would be mortified, so I'm not going to copy the entire text conversation for you to read.  But let's just say, it was a big deal for her.

I gave her some suggestions about what to say, and some confidence building words of encouragement, but she was still really nervous about it.  

(I'm inserting in this space a tiny little side post about HOW MUCH I LOVE my iPhone!!  There are some pretty amazing things that happen on that thing and sometimes I want to save them forever.  And by pressing two little buttons at the same time, I can do that now!  Love that thing!)

I also LOVE that Eleanor Roosevelt quote.  It's been awhile since I've needed to hear it or say it.  (And you should probably know that the text right after that last screenshot says "Mommy, you're such a nerd!"  Not everyone in my house appreciates Eleanor as much as I do.)  But it was nice to be reminded today that sometimes scary is good.  

I'm so proud of TCD for doing something that terrified her today.  It doesn't matter if it's a small thing like sending a text or a big thing like moving across the country.  We should do something scary everyday.   There are a million great adventures and huge blessings that happen when we just jump.   I'm going to channel my inner Eleanor Roosevelt today and find something scary to do.  You should, too.  Be brave!!

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