Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

We seriously lucked out with the neighborhood we picked when we first moved here.  I've said a million times that I don't believe in accidents.  I'm sure we were supposed to live in this place at exactly this time.  Sometimes I think that's because of the schools.   Sometimes it's because of the ward or the house or the opportunities that the kids have here that they wouldn't have had anywhere else.  But today, I felt pretty strongly that it's the people who live on this street that make this the perfect fit for us.  

There are two families we're really close to.   They're about our age.  They have standards for their children and their lives that are very similar to ours.  We've gone on date nights with them.  We've celebrated holidays and baptisms with them.  They both have 8 year old boys who, along with Mack, make up the Three Amigos.   These guys do everything together.  They walk to and from school everyday, play baseball in the middle of the street, have late overs, and wouldn't dream of celebrating a birthday unless all three were available.  They rarely argue.  Their sporting equipment and socks are sprinkled between all three of our houses.   I love watching them together.  And I'm SO glad Mack has such great influences around him.

Tonight we were invited to a Cinco de Mayo party at another neighbor's house at the end of the street.  They had a Christmas party in early December and we all heavily hinted that since they had the biggest pool and patio area, they should host another big get together in the spring....and so they did!  They are amazing, kind, generous people and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them.  Half the neighborhood was there and a few people we hadn't yet met.  We stayed much longer than we planned...which is always an indicator of a good party.  

I'm grateful tonight for warm, wonderful people who open up their home for any occasion.  And guess what their names are?  The LOVE'S!  Isn't that perfectly appropriate.  I LOVE the Love's...and the rest of the people on this street.  I'm so glad we live here.  And I'm so glad there are random reasons for celebration and Cinco de Mayo...that bring us all together.  

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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