Thursday, May 24, 2012

Talent Show 2012

My little June is completely fearless.  She has tried out, auditioned and campaigned for absolutely EVERYTHING that has been offered this year...Student Council, morning announcements, volleyball, basketball, and...earlier this month...a coveted spot in the Talent Show!  She was thrilled when she received a letter the following week letting her know that she had made it.  

This morning she woke up 30 minutes early to warm up before school and flew out the door in such a hurry that she forgot her lunch!

What an amazing group of kids!!! They're SO talented...and SO diverse.  

 June sang Taylor Swift "Our Song"

 Chinese YO-YO guy
 Bollywood Dancer
 Glow in the Dark Neon Girls
 and these guys were SO hilarious...the danced around to a cover of a Jason DeRulo song

I was totally impressed with the whole talent show and all the enthusiasm these kids bring.  Even the audience was great!  

And I'm especially proud of my fearless girl who tries everything.  Eleanor Roosevelt would be SO proud of her, too.  (Do one thing everyday that scares you.)

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