Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Savannah's Room

Today is one of those days that I think I could write a few dozen posts.  I'm not sure why some days I feel totally filled with gratitude for absolutely every little thing, but today I do.  I wish I could bottle this for those days when I don't love everything as much.  

This morning, I walked upstairs to put a few things away in Savannah's room and I just sat in there for awhile.  I love just parking myself in the kids' rooms every now and then when they're not home just to see what they look at and how it makes them feel.  

Savannah's room has an amazing warmth in it...always.  The other kids' rooms do, too, but it's different in Savannah's.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because I know how her head works and how she thinks better than the other three.  Maybe because she spends hours reading the scriptures in there and writing in her journal and creating goals, and I can feel that when I walk in.  Maybe it's because her room faces in the direction so the sun pours in through her window every morning (whatever direction that is) so it's always warm and pink and glowy.  

Whatever the reason, I lingered in there for a long time this morning.  I'm so grateful that I have the luxury of doing that during the day.  I'm grateful for the 6 hours a day that are almost exclusively mine to fill with whatever I want.  Today is filled with Savannah, pink glowy things, a clean kitchen, sparkly toes, and huge amounts of gratitude for the people who love me.  

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