Monday, May 14, 2012


Do you know why I love June today?  (Not my daughter, June, although I do totally love her, too.)  I love June, the MONTH, because when June gets here, that means May will be over.  It's rare that I sit around wishing the days away, but this month is really starting to wear me out.  Why does everything have to be crammed into the last 4 weeks of the school year?  Recitals, plays, field trips, graduations, the usual spring games, music lessons, Wednesday night craziness, and 2 holidays!  

It's insanity around here lately.  Tonight we had a bass lesson, a baseball game and a choir concert with 30 minutes of torrential rain in between...just long enough for me to get completely SOAKED while I ran to the van!  The rest of the week looks just as lessons, NJHS induction, Six Flags Orchestra Trip, Father/Son camp out...can you see why June is so appealing right now? 

But, even though my calendar is COVERED with scribbles, I love that it means there is life in my house...happy, active, abundant life flowing from every single corner.  I love that the next 12 days of school will provide opportunities for the kids to make memories and have new experiences.  In the next three months, I will have a daughter at the high school, two daughters at the middle school, and my baby will be in 4th grade.  TCD will learn how to drive a car this summer.  June will turn 12 and become a Beehive next month.  The days and years are moving so quickly, I can barely keep up.  I look forward to heavenly assistance as we plow through all the things on that calendar, and lots of reminders to slow down and be mindful of all of those activities, so we don't miss a thing.

And then, in June...we can relax by the pool and think about all the great memories we made!

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