Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Road Trips

I really love summer road trips.  This one wasn't my favorite for lots of reasons, but a road trip is a road trip and they're all pretty fun!  It was short compared to a lot of the ones we've taken recently, but that's probably a good thing given my stinky demeanor all morning.  We woke up at the crack of dawn to shower, get dressed, throw all of our stuff into the van, and get on the road before rush hour traffic.  In roughly 6 hours we had made it to San Antonio!  

TCD is attending EFY this week, so our primary purpose for coming to San Antonio was to get her to Trinity University by 1:00pm.  

EFY, or Especially For Youth, is a youth program whose objectives are to encourage, assist, and guide youth participants (ages 14–18) as they strive to “come unto Christ.” EFY creates a setting where youth have the opportunity to develop spiritually, physically, intellectually and socially. Youth have the opportunity to learn and grow together while attending classes, devotionals and firesides. EFY programs are held throughout North America every summer and are attended by more than 50,000 youth. Sessions are primarily supervised by young adult counselors who are positive role models for the youth. All sessions are directed by adult instructors. The program is a five–day, overnight program that begins Monday morning and concludes early Saturday morning.  (from EFY Youth Programs)
Trinity University is a really beautiful school.  Unfortunately I missed a lot of it, because by 12:55pm, my grumpiness had overshadowed any sentimentality I might have felt this morning.  I'm pretty sure I dropped TCD off at the right dorm room because I recognized her name on the door and because her roommate's entire family greeted us and had already been there long enough to decorate the entire room.  The rest is a blur, though.  

The day only got moderately better after that, and if I took the time to make a list, the crappy things about today would heavily outnumber the good things.  But there's always good in every day...even if you have to lift some giant rocks to find it.  

Here are some of the good parts...
 The Riverwalk...oh how I LOVE this place!
 It totally reminds me of college and those times when we would hop in someone's car and drive away from Austin for a little while.

 the kids all loved it, too (although I was really missing TCD by this point in the day.)

 we took all the kids on one of the guided boat tours down the river...and they all loved that, too!

We ended the evening with Mexican food from Casa Rio...another fond memory for me from the early 90s.  I LOVE this place...even in 90+ degree weather with 90+% humidity...even with the crowds of people flocking past our table while we sat at the edge of the river...even with the actual flocks of birds waiting anxiously and way too closely for a scrap of something to drop on the was still great food and great atmosphere.  There's no place else I wanted to be tonight.   

Today wasn't as great as some days, but tomorrow will be better.  I'm grateful to have made it safely to San Antonio.  I'm grateful that I will sleep well tonight because all of my chickens (minus one) are crammed into a hotel room with me...I love that!  And I'm grateful that we have the opportunity to start everyday like it's a brand new one.  Tomorrow will be sparkly!


  1. Sorry this day wasn't "sparkly", but it looks like a great time! Thanks for the pics so I can keep track of what my girl is seeing/experiencing. Love you guys!

    1. Today totally made up for yesterday! <3

  2. both boys went to EFY last week and had a total blast. I know TCD will have a wonderful time :) Hugs from us all in GA!

    1. That totally boggles my mind that we both have kids old enough for EFY! Love you guys!!