Saturday, July 14, 2012


Well, I finally finished it!   We got home tonight at 8:30pm and instead of worrying about laundry and restocking the pantry, I decided to finish the last 100 pages of this amazing book!   The laundry will be there on Monday, right?  And I'm sure we can find something to eat tomorrow after church.  It turns out, an 850 page book is the perfect thing to take with you on a vacation that involves lots of driving.  I've never been very successful at reading in a moving vehicle, but I brought it with me anyway...hoping.  And you know that thing I always say about when you really, really want something, and you put your mind to it, the planets align and you get it...even the things you think will never happen.  I didn't think I'd make it through this entire book (but I did...major accomplishment!)  I didn't think I'd ever be one of those people who can read a book on a road trip (but I did that, too.)  And I didn't think a vacation with 5 kids would be filled with opportunities to read anything (but it was!)  

If only I could tell you that I also mustered up the courage to ride this thing...
...unfortunately I can't do that because I didn't ride that thing or any other scary roller coaster thing...not this trip.  

I LOVED this book.  In college, I was a closet Stephen King junkie and spent many, many sleepless nights trying to get thoughts of possessed old cars, Zombie pets, and creepy nurse/caretaker/serial killers out of my head long enough to go to sleep.  Thank goodness for roommates or I might not have slept at all from 1987-1992!   So, the thought of diving back into that madness with another Stephen King book wasn't all that appealing.   But, thankfully, this one is a huge departure from his horror stuff.  It wasn't scary at all.  Gripping, compelling, head spinning, but not scary.  I didn't have a single nightmare because of this book and only one night of sleeping with all the lights on in the bedroom, but that was in the beginning when I wasn't sure what I was getting into.  I loved the main character.  I miss him after spending a whole week with him (dorky, huh? but that's how I feel after I finish every good book.)  I loved the part about time travel and the "what ifs" that come from that kind of thinking.  And I loved that there was a little bit of a love story...ok a lot of love story, but that's all I'm giving you on that subject because it will ruin it if you decide to read it.  

I didn't realize that reviewing books would be such a huge chunk of my summer blogging, but I have thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in so many great ones, and I have to share that sort of thing.  Hope you're reading some great books this summer, too!

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