Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Days

Since BFF is leaving us tomorrow, we decided to sneak in a few last minute things.  June put off getting her ears pierced when she turned 12 last month, and decided to do it while BFF was here with her, so we let Flowering Buttercup drive us to Claire's this afternoon.
The girls found these silly accessories while we were waiting for June's turn in the ear piercing chair.

BFF found this cute hair piece that PERFECTLY matched her hair.  Doesn't she look like a little pop star with this fluffy ponytail updo?
This is right before the lady pierced June's ears.  Can you see how nervous she is behind that little smile?

We have had so much fun with BFF over the last month.   I absolutely adore this girl.  She is adventurous, flexible, infinitely patient, and so darn cute!  It has been a joy and a pleasure to have her in our home.  I am amazed at how effortless it's been to have her here.  She gets along with everyone: siblings, parents, friends, neighbors.  I'm sure she's met at least 100 people, but she never gets tired of smiling and making a new friend.  She has attended YW lessons and activities, read the entire Book of Mormon, survived a road trip with our family, tried crazy foods, swept my kitchen floor, written in her journal every night, and kept a SUPER positive attitude even when I'm sure it's been difficult to be so far away from home.  This is a truly extraordinary girl.  I'm so happy to have had her sweet little spirit in our home.  I'm sure this will be a month none of us will ever forget.

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