Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dive In Movies

Our neighbors have a pool in their backyard and they are so generous about letting the kids play in it all the time.  Mack is over there more than he's at home in the summer.  And as often as she's invited, June is there, too.  Our kids match up with theirs pretty well, so it's a really nice friendship to have.  And they're awesome people.  We LOVE hanging out with them!

So, when they had the great idea to hang a screen on the back wall of their garage and show a movie while everyone swam, we definitely weren't going to miss it!

 We started early enough that the kids played for awhile before it got dark.
 then they played volleyball after it got dark...two big boys against four 12 year old girls and two little boys...hmmm...

 after volleyball there was some flipping...
 and more flipping...
 then everyone got drinks/snacks and found a comfortable spot in the pool...
 and finally it was time for the movie!  Can you tell what we watched??
I'm not a huge muppet fan, so I missed this one when it came out last year, but I was happily surprised that it kept my attention, and it was pretty darn cute!

We took one brief intermission to let everyone splash a little and refill their cups, and then finished the movie by 11:15pm.  Everyone was so completely exhausted that we could barely walk the 100 yards back to our house...but what a great night we had.  We'll definitely have to make Dive-in Movies a habit!!  I love our neighbors.  I love balmy, breezy nights in Dallas.  I love dive-in movies!  And I even love the muppets a little.   


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