Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have a friend who is my inspiration and motivation for all things intellectual...especially books.   She recently wrote a blog post about the books she's currently reading and one of them sounded intriguing.  (Although if Amy recommended it, I could probably be convinced to read the phone book just for fun.)

The Scout Master loves to check out audio books and music from the library.  And he's recently found the library's online request system, which has been a great way to make his life much easier.  He's not as interested in wandering aimlessly through a library like I am.  He prefers to use his time more efficiently...get in and get out.  Throughout the week, he hears about things through TV, internet, or suggestions from friends, and he adds them to his request list at the local library.  As soon as they become available, the library sends him an email notification, and he scurries down to get them.   When I mentioned a few of the books Amy had suggested, he added them to his request list...and POOF! they appeared on my nightstand just days later.   It's an amazing thing...and I have no idea why we didn't start doing this earlier.  I'm still a big fan of just wandering into the library without a plan, though.  I have found some of the most surprisingly satisfying books by just aimlessly perusing the shelves.  

So, just before Camp, when I saw Heft on Amy's list of recommends, I emailed the Scout Master (speaking is our preferred method of communication, but sometimes I need to do things immediately or I forget them...and well, I was on a different floor in the house...and for heaven's sake, if we have technology we should use it, right?!)   And POOF! the magic of library requests systems (and the Scout Master's Jeep) made that book appear just a few days later.  

I started it on Friday afternoon, and didn't stop reading until that night when the Scout Master and I had to leave for our date night (dinner and chaperoning a youth dance.) Typically, I look forward to date nights and I happily leave behind whatever I've been doing at home all day to jump in the Jeep with the Scout Master and go off to whatever he has planned.  But...Friday was a different story.  I can always tell a book is good when I can't bear to put it down.  I almost brought the darn thing with me to the dance.  (But you'll be happy to know that I thought better of that idea.)   After our date (which was great, by the way) I stayed up and read until I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Then on Saturday morning, I stayed in bed until 12:30pm (shamelessly indulgent, I know...but free Saturdays are rare, so I indulged.)  I hurried through the shower, and the "getting ready part" and took June with me to run a few quick errands, and then came home and read some more!!  At 6:00pm when we HAD to leave for the Allen Celebration, I was seriously heartbroken to have to leave Arthur and Kel (they're my new friends from Heft.)  We got home from the festivities at 11:00ish, and I stayed up and finished the book.  

There are two problems with staying up until 1am to finish a book on Saturday night.  

#1 No one is awake to talk about the book with you, and
#2 Early church comes REALLY REALLY fast.

But...it was totally worth it.  And I managed to sneak in a Sunday afternoon nap.

I have no idea what specifically about this book or these characters called to me, but they definitely did.  I felt like they were little pieces of me and I understood them.   I love that...when you get so lost in a book that you can't remember if they're just characters or if you've actually met these people.   I wanted to start another book right away to have that feeling last a little longer...excitement to see what they're doing, and to read what happens next...but I didn't plan very well, so my nightstand right now only has a stack of books about being a vegetarian.  (...boring...)  

I'm so happy to have been lost in a book for the weekend.  I loved the date night.  I loved the fireworks.  I loved hanging out with family and friends.  I loved going to church on Sunday.  But the very best thing about this weekend was reading Heft.   Thanks, Amy!

Update 7/4/12:  Hooray!  the library fairy visited last night while I was out and left these on my nightstand!!

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