Thursday, July 5, 2012

Charming Charlie

One of the first things June wanted to do with BFF was go SHOPPING!  There are a lot of places to shop here and we have a few favorites.  Charming Charlie is near the top of the list.    Every hour since BFF arrived, June has reminded me that we needed to take her to this amazing sensory overload experience.  We finally did it today.  
 See why we love this place?  It's amazing!
 They have everything organized by color.
BFF found some super cute accessories to try on.
 Spell Girl found snake ring.

After Charming Charlie, we stopped at Ross and Target and on the way home did a quick swing by Sonic for some slushies and a couple of large cups of ice.  We also stopped at the high school to check on the progress happening on the new stadium.  Have I mentioned we're a little excited about that place?  Today they were putting up the EAGLE STADIUM letters on the front.  So cool to watch!

The girls and I had a really good afternoon.  It's always fun to have visitors in town and we're SO enjoying BFF!  


  1. Haunani, thank you for being a wonderful writer...My girl doesn't feel so far away seeing all the adventures she is having with you :) Tell her I love her bunches!!!

  2. We love her, too! Thanks for letting us have her for a little while. :)