Friday, July 20, 2012

High Five For Friday

Thank goodness this week is over.  It's been way too long...too many doctor/dentist appointments, too many places to be, and too much laundry.  I was exhausted on Monday!  But there were some great things that happened this week for sure (as always...)

NEW BEEHIVE KITS...I borrowed this idea from this cute blog and modified it a little to welcome my three (and a half) new Bees into YW (I gave one to BFF even though she's not going to be 12 until October.  She's going to have a little bit of a head start on her Personal Progress.)

I LOVE going to see MOVIES in the theater.  I went to two this week.  BRAVE was ok. I loved Merida more than I loved the movie.  I loved her passion, her hope, her spunk, and especially HER HAIR!  But I've told all my daughters that if they ever turn me into a bear, they will regret it.  

A new DRIVER in the house
A new driver in the house who BEDAZZLES things when she's bored.  :)

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