Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I probably should be a better example and stop encouraging this sort of behavior when my kids' friends are over, but they have so much fun!!  And I have the fastest getaway car minivanOne of the deacons in our ward has a birthday on Saturday, so the girls (and friends) decided it would be a great idea to fork his yard.  (Yeah, we've come up with all kinds of crazy pranks here.  BFF is going to go home armed with some mad TEXAS-style pranking skills, for sure!)
 There's something about night pranking that always inspires my girls to dress up like ninjas!

Here's how the night "went down"...
At exactly 21:16 on the evening of Tuesday, July 17th, four ninjas carrying one Ziploc bag, filled with an undetermined number of plastic forks, climbed into the back of a gold Honda Odyssey along with a driver (me) and a navigator (TCD).  The vehicle drove 2.1 miles to the street of an unidentified deacon where all ninjas departed the vehicle at the corner (because said deacon lives on a culdesac.)  The driver and co-pilot then turned the vehicle around and waited as the ninjas stuck all but two of the plastic forks into the front lawn of the deacon's home (picture taking may have occurred at this time.)  At exactly 21:38, the ninjas ran quickly back to the vehicle, got in, and made a speedy getaway.  At this time, it is not known whether the unidentified deacon is aware that he has been forked. 


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  1. Love June's face in these! She's not messin' around!