Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Today was a serious hair day at our house.  

A while ago...like maybe months?...Spell Girl and I decided that it might be time for a hair cut.  Her super long hair was beginning to be a problem for both of us.  There were too many tears in the mornings trying to decide on hairstyles, too many tangles, and way too many issues with shampoo.   We planned to do it right before school got out.  We planned to do it right after school got out.  We planned to do it right before Girls Camp.  There was a lot of planning, but unfortunately not a lot of DOING!  We talked and talked and talked about it until it wasn't a scary thing anymore...we both just wanted to get it done already!   So today was the day!

Spell Girl's hair has the potential to be beautiful and amazing...when we do something with it.  But when we don't, it's just long and kind of lifeless.  


Yesterday morning, she decided that if she was getting her hair cut, she might as well get her  hair CUT!  She definitely had enough to donate to Locks of Love, so she went for a little more than a trim.  But it turned out so darn cute!  And she really loves it!  She walked around all day swishing her new bouncy hair around.   

TCD came with us to get Spell Girl's hair cut, but apparently, even at home, June and BFF were feeling the hair vibe, too, and decided to hang out in June's room for hours doing this...
aren't they too cute!  Love having all these girls in my house!!  (Mack is not so impressed with the girl invasion, though.  The first thing he said yesterday when he realized BFF had not brought her brothers with her to Texas was "oh great...another sister for a whole month!"  :)

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