Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Since we already did the big Allen Celebration last Saturday, we enjoyed a relaxing 4th of July today.  That's kind of a nice thing...

This morning the Scout Master took June, BFF, and Mack to the parade in McKinney and to a cute little general store for candy.

Everyone came home for lunch and all the kids went swimming (again...) and then at 5:00 we walked across the street for a BBQ at the neighbors' house.  Super fun, awesome food, really nice people!
All the kids played cards while the adults talked and ate...perfect!

As the party started to wind down, the Scout Master took all the little kids to our house to light sparklers!  I LOVE those things!!

 we have a little boy, so lighting sparklers eventually led to setting things on fire...

 and we ended the night with a glimpse of the McKinney fireworks...
Happy Fourth of July!!

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