Friday, July 20, 2012

Season Tickets Update

Remember this post I wrote in June?  Well, yesterday was our official Seat Selection day at the stadium.  We have been carefully briefed all week by friends with lower lottery numbers who have gone before us, so we knew exactly what we needed to do.

We arrived at the Athletics Complex five minutes before our scheduled time.  At exactly 10:00am, two football coaches walked us back to a room where they showed us a giant diagram of the stadium seating.  Sections for the band and the students were blocked out, and there were stickers indicating which seats were still available.  Behind us there was a giant window with a view of the entire stadium so we could get some perspective.  
visitor's side and student section in the end zone
One at a time, we were called up to look at the map, and at the stadium if we needed to, and select our seat choices as well as an alternate.  After that, another coach came to collect us, and walked us down a long hall (which was covered with pictures of our favorite wide receiver) to the "war room" where another bigger, laminated diagram of the stadium was laid out on a table.   

Fortunately our first choice was available!  We selected our seats and the coach removed the stickers to indicate that they were no longer available.  Hooray!!  Seats 25-28 in row R of Section 107 officially belong to us for the 2012 season (next year we'll have to do this all over again, but they call it Trade Days when you're a current season ticket holder.)   After we picked, we were then escorted to the office where we wrote out our check and received these...
aren't they beautiful?  You can't tell in this picture but the eagles are all outlined in shiny silver.

Wanna see where our seats are?..
OK...see all those darker seats in the middle, to the left of the field?  Those are the sections that have seat backs.  We did not get seats in any of those sections.  Our seats are in the first non-backed section, on the lower level, on the far side of this picture, about the 30 yard line, at the very top, under the overhang.  (So right below the eagle's neck on the "Play Like a Champion" sign.)  We picked these seats strategically even though there were upper level seats with backs still available.  On the other side of this sign is a JumboTron (of course there is, right?) so by sitting on this side of the stadium we'll be able to see everything at that end of the field up close and personal and catch everything else on the JumboTron.  Brilliant, huh?  We're also under the overhang for weather protection and shade during those first few blazing hot home games.  Also brilliant.  All that brilliance was the Scout Master's, not mine.  If I had picked our seats, I would have gone for the upper level, with seat backs, right beside the band because my football game priorities are slightly different than the Scout Master's.  I'm there for the socializing and the band.  He's there for

We are so excited to be able to participate in this crazy, hectic, intense stadium process.  No where but Texas does stuff like this happen.  We're SO looking forward to the upcoming football season with seats in this new beautiful stadium.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, for sure!  The first game is on Friday, August 31!!  

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