Friday, August 5, 2011

Air Conditioning

Last winter, I wrote a post about Heat8 months later, I'm once again thinking about heat, but not quite the same way that I was in December, and definitely not the way that I was in February 2010.  

It's been well over 100 degrees in the Dallas area consistently for the last 34 days.  Fortunately we were able to miss a lot of those days while we were in Utah enjoying 65 degree mornings and evenings.  

But we're back now...  
...this was the temperature yesterday...yikes!

When we got back home late last Monday night, it was 90 degrees IN the house.  (Because we were going to be gone for so long, we had set the thermostat to about 85 before we left.)  The first thing we did when we walked in the door was reset both the upstairs and downstairs thermostats to 78 degrees.  As we carried bags up to the kids' rooms, we could feel the temperature gradually getting more comfortable upstairs.  But it was still unbearably warm downstairs.  We were patient for a couple of hours before we finally gave up hope that it was going to cool off.  Early Tuesday morning we called someone to come out and fix it.  (Hooray for home warranties on newly purchased homes.)  An A/C guy came out Wednesday afternoon and fixed the problem (we thought.)  Unfortunately, a few hours after he left, we realized the problem was definitely NOT fixed.   

For the past 8 days, we've waited for that guy to come back with a new compressor.  It's funny how a couple of degrees can make the difference between comfortable and extremely UNcomfortable.  We usually keep the temperature in the house between 78-80 degrees.  And this week, it's hovered only around 82 in the family room and 85 in the master bedroom during the hottest part of the day.  It could be SO much worse.  We could be that A/C guy who spends his entire day, EVERY day, outside fixing people's air conditioners!  

Thankfully, he came back today, and after 3 hours (and 10 previous days), we now seem to have a fully functioning air conditioner.  I'm thankful for A/C guys tonight and air conditioners that work.  And I'm very thankful to be sitting here in the family room, feeling happily chilly, while I eat my 5 Red Vines and watch a movie with the Scout Master.   I hope that A/C guy is feeling the same way tonight...comfortably relaxing after a long day in 100+ Dallas summer weather.


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  1. In our house, Dickson makes us give a weekly shout out to Willis Carrier during the summer. :-) Without him we'd all be baking like that everyday! Glad you got it fixed!!